Pinned // April ’13

As a fairly avid pinner, I thought it might be a fun idea to share a small selection of the things I pin over the month.

At the end of each month, I will be reviewing my pins and put up 9 things that I pinned during the month. These will be accompanied by a link to the pin and short comment on why I pinned them (the pin links will be the numbers before the comments).

April '13 1 As a graphic designer, RGB and CMYK colour systems are important. This is a great way of showing off a little ‘design nerd’.
2 Cats clawing their way through doors that have been left ajar always amuses me. This face just says it all!
3 The colours in this capture are gorgeous. And I always love getting messy.
4 On my course, we are always being told to think about what materials we print on. When professional printing costs the earth – tips like these are always treasured!
5 This was used as inspiration for a recent group project at university.
6 Marco web photography is always stunning and the colours make this photo all the more interesting.
7 For those out of the letterpress ‘business’, and even those who just love letterpress, old wooden characters are wonderful collectors items, and this table is a great way of showing them off.
8 Inspiration for a recent cross-course pop-up shop project at university. Our pop-up shop was selling recycled and up-cycled products. I created and sold bottle cap magnets similar to these.
9 This is a wonderful way to display all the happy memories from a relationship.


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