St. Paul's CatherdalLast night I was in London with a friend of mine from my course at university. We attended a ‘Type Tasting’ session at the St Bride Library, run by Sarah Hyndman.

St Bride is located in Fleet Street. We got off the underground at St. Paul’s, much earlier than we needed to be there, so we took the chance to take a couple of photos as we headed in search of food, before heading to our destination.

Despite our small tourist session and quick dining, we still managed to arrive half an hour early, and therefore we were given the chance to see a current exhibition of Book Covers which they have on display. As graphic designers, we took this opportunity. There was a single wall lined with a glass cabinet that held the books. All of the covers were striking – some more so than others. Each one had been hand crafted, along with the display box that it would be presented or stored in. We didn’t take any photos of these book covers.

Once we were allowed in to the main room where the evening was taking place, we spent some time talking to Becky (who works at St Bride) and Sarah about ourselves and what we do etc. When we were all in, the evening began.

Sarah gave an insightful presentation into the history of type, into St Bride, and into what the future of type could hold – according to feedback received via email and Twitter.

The main aim of the evening was for us to create a Steampunk style Twitter feed, using the feedback. As the event had been publicised using Twitter, and the question and hashtag of ‘What is the #FutureOfType?’ there was plenty of interest and responses to create.

Using photocopies of type from the St Bride archive and tracing paper, we hand-rendered some of the tweets that had come in, as well as some of our own thoughts.

Links for more information:
St Bride Foundation
Sarah Hyndman
Type Tasting


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