Corner Bookmarks

All bookworms need bookmarks! It’s a fact.

Although I read, I must admit that I am a Kindle user… Before that I read on my iPhone… and before that… well, I didn’t read much at all…

However, I do need bookmarks for my collection of design books that I spend hours trawling through for project research and essays.

I came across ‘corner bookmarks’ here. With the exclusion of the monster designs, I decided to make a couple of my own.

On the back to the paper I chose to use (an old scrap of wallpaper), I drew out three squares measuring 5cm by 5cm. The squares should form an L shape and the ‘corner’ square should share sides with both other squares.

I made the two edge squares into triangles using diagonal lines. These lines should be drawn from the bottom left corners to the top right corners. The areas that are not going to be used have been scribbled in.

Using a scalpel knife and a metal-edged ruler, I carefully cut out the template shape.

Next, I folded both triangles over the square, along the drawn lines.

When I knew which triangle would become the top, I covered the underside in double-sided tape, removed the backs and stuck the two triangles together.

That’s it! Simple as that!

I created a second bookmark on a scrap of card, but added in an accent paper of a slightly smaller size.

To do this, I followed the same steps. However, before sticking the two triangles together, I stuck down the accent paper to the square. I then stuck the triangles together and added the accent paper on top of these.

So there you have it. Two simple bookmarks that are different from the typical rectangles!


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2 thoughts on “Corner Bookmarks

  1. Chelsea || My GoodMorning May 7, 2013 at 1:09 am Reply

    this is so cute!

  2. redesigned May 7, 2013 at 11:03 pm Reply

    I should make a bunch of these for all the magazine articles I flag. Currently, I’m using torn up “subscription cards”… hahaha ~M.

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