Starburst Drawings

I recently took a trip down memory lane when I started subconsciously creating a starburst drawing. I was taught how to create these back in Primary School. I was in Year 5 at the time, at about age 9 or 10.

These things are just as fun to create now as they were back then. And they are incredibly simple!

To start, you need a plain piece of paper and a sharp pencil. You want to draw two large dots, anywhere on the page.

Then, scatter ten smaller dots around the page. These dots were a little hard to see, so I have highlighted them in red.

Using a ruler, draw straight lines from one of the small dots to both of the large dots. Then, repeat the process with all of the other nine small dots. Make sure you don’t connect any of the small dots together, or the two large dots. Don’t worry if any of the lines follow the same path or are rather close.

Now, you can colour your starburst in. I’m using Crayola Supertips Superwashable. It is easiest to use just two colours, making sure that you don’t put the same colour next to each other. I tend to start in a point with one colour, and then place the second colour next to this. I then switch back to the first colour and fill in all of the areas that directly touch the second colour.

Once you get the hang of it, there are so many experiments you can do in order to create variations.

You can try:

  • More than two large dots
  • More or less than ten small dots
  • More than two colours
  • Placing the two large dots farther apart
  • Placing the two large dots closer together (perhaps in a corner?)

Here are my trials of these variations. Some points have been combined.

These drawings are always going to be unique. Although I haven’t found a use for them, maybe they could be cut out and stuck on cards, used as gift tags, or even framed to be the present. Who knows. The drawing possibilities are endless, and I reckon the uses for them are too!


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