Day 1 // 30 Day Challenge

Okay, let’s get this show on the road!

Day 1: Put your iPod on shuffle. List the first 10 songs that play and how you feel about them.

Song 1: Crashed The Wedding by Busted
How I feel about this song: Who didn’t love Busted? Although I wouldn’t want someone to have to go through having their wedding crashed, this song (and video) are ones that I will always love no matter what!

Song 2: Summer Paradise by Simple Plan ft. Sean Paul
How I feel about this song: This song reminds me of last summer in Spain. I had known about and heard the song well before our holiday in July/August, but having heard it several times whilst out in Spain, I now link this song back to our trip whenever I hear it.

Song 3: Gangnam Style by PSY
How I feel about this song: PSY has taken the world by storm and you can’t hide from Gnagnam Style no matter how hard you try! This is one of songs that I love to hate and somehow, it found it’s way into my music library!

Song 4: One For The Radio by McFly
How I feel about this song: This song is a great way of getting back at the ‘haters’. Whether in the music business, like McFly, or just somebody who has people that dislike then, it shows that not everyone cares about other peoples’ opinions and that life goes on no matter what others think.

Song 5: Party Fun Love & Radio by We The Kings ft. J Trill
How I feel about this song: I really love the energy in this song, and I feel that it sums up the gigging, clubbing and partying atmosphere.

Song 6: Somebody That I Used To Know by Gotye Ft. Kimbra
How I feel about this song: I knew of this song well before it became a radio hit! My mum actually found the video on StumbleUpon and showed it to me. I really liked the ‘blend-into-the-background’ body painting stuff but the song wasn’t one of my favourites at the time. Now, whenever I hear it, I just have to sing along!

Song 7: On My Way by Phil Collins (from the film ‘Brother Bear’)
How I feel about this song: I remember seeing Brother Bear in the cinema. The song is actually on a 3-disk Disney compilation album. This song is really upbeat and tells the story of making new friends and going places. It’s an incredibly feel good song!

Song 8: Anywhere Else But Here by Simple Plan
How I feel about this song: There are always days and times when we wish we could be somewhere else than where we are supposed to be, and I love how Simple Plan have completely summed that up for everyone!

Song 9: Channel Tunnel by Heathrow Flyers
How I feel about this song: The Heathrow Flyers were a UK band of truckers with songs that are beyond quirky, and mostly about trucking. Channel Tunnel takes a dig at the, erm, Channel Tunnel, and the French. I love singing any of their songs, and as they are a band that none of my friends know about, it makes them all the more special.

Song 10: Fuckin’ Perfect by Pink
How I feel about this song: I really love this song, it’s so positive. It makes me believe that no matter how much I get mistreated, misplaced and misunderstood or how much life brings me down, there is always something better out there and that there are people who believe in me despite all my flaws.


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One thought on “Day 1 // 30 Day Challenge

  1. aregularcupofjo May 13, 2013 at 2:40 pm Reply

    Love We The Kings. If you like their music, you should check out Charles Trippy. He has an awesome YouTube channel with his wife called CTFxC. They vlog everyday and share their life.

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