Day 2 // 30 Day Challenge

Day 2: What is your middle name and what is it’s significance?

My middle name is Seringa [Sir-ring-ga].

This is actually a name that has a fair bit of history in my family.

It all starts with my great great great great grandfather, who fought in the Seige of Seringapatam in India, way back in 1799. His second daughter, my great great great grandmother, was born in the year of the Seige, and named after it.

Since then, the name has been carried down into the next generations and it  will hopefully continue to be carried down.

The name has been given to the first daughter in my direct family tree line for 3 generations (myself being the fist born daughter of the current youngest generation), although  overall the name goes back 5 generations where the name first entered the family in 1799.

However, there are other Seringa’s in the extended family tree.

So there you go.

My fairly unique middle name and it’s significance in why I was given it.


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