Glass Pebble Magnets

This has been a project that I’ve been wanting to do for a long while – I just never got round to sourcing the materials until recently.

Obviously, you will need some glass pebbles. I acquired a bag of large glass pebbles from eBay which came incredibly well packaged. There was not a single broken pebble, nor could I find any cracks. Brilliant!

Probably just as obvious is that you will need some magnets. Again from eBay, I purchased 100 magnets measuring 14mm in diameter and 3mm in depth. This size was perfect for the glass pebbles I was working with, but there are other sizes available.

The first step is to place your glass pebble over your chosen image or pattern. You then want to carefully draw around the base of the pebble, getting as far underneath and as close to the touching point as possible.

Then, carefully cut out your imagery with a pair or scissors.

Once you have cut out the image, you need to stick it to the back of the glass pebble you drew around. I used Anita’s Tacky Glue and spread it fairly evenly across the flat back of the pebble using a cocktail stick.

Place your cut out onto the back of the pebble and apply pressure. Make sure you try to remove all air bubbles. I found that pressing it onto the table worked well.

Once you have stuck your image onto your pebble, you need to leave it to dry. I worked through all of my pebbles, drawing round each one (as they are all different slightly different shapes and sizes) and sticking the images on.

P1020951By the time I had applied the images to all of the pebbles, the first ones were dry enough to stick the magnets on to.

For this, I used Evo-Stick Serious Glue that I found in Homebase. I placed a small blob of glue on to the dimpled side of the magnet (having checked which side attached to my fridge). I then placed the magnet in the middle of the pebble back and pressed down for a few seconds to make sure the glue had spread out to cover the magnet surface.

I worked through my pebbles in the same order that I stuck on the imagery.

P1020952Evo-Stick Serious Glue states that that the glue is re-positionable for 3 minutes, fully set in two hours and at maximum strength after 24 hours.

P1020955However, I found that my magnets were secure enough after an hour – so I took them to the fridge!

P1020960These glass pebble magnets are so cute, and they would make great little gifts.

All of my imagery came from magazines and I have seen that some people apply more glue over the back of their images before applying their magnets or even adding a layer of white paper, but I didn’t find these steps necessary.

Obviously the drying times will depend on what adhesives you use and how much you apply.


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One thought on “Glass Pebble Magnets

  1. creative pixie May 18, 2013 at 9:16 pm Reply

    A great idea I must try. Thanks for sharing.

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