Day 9 // 30 Day Challenge

Day 9: What is the thing you wish you were most great at?
There are a couple of things I wish I was good at.

Firstly, I wish I was good at maths. I’m not awful at it – I mean, I can do simple addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, but I’ve never managed to conquer much more than that! And when I say simple, I mean stuff that can be done on your hands or the clock. If I can’t do it that way, I drag out the calculator.

In school, when it was compulsory to learn maths, I could do pretty much everything, as long as I was allowed a calculator. Algebra I was pretty decent at, and Pythagorus was something I just managed to get the hang of. Push me towards Trigonometry and everything went out the window. I suppose I’m grateful that I don’t have to learn it any more – and I’m more than happy with my calculator – I just wish I was a little bit better than I am.

Other than that, and far more relevant my graphic design studies and future – I wish I was good at public speaking.

Just the thought of having to get up in front of others and present an idea makes me queazy! Most of the time, it’s only my tutors and peers, and it has been all year – but I can’t shake the nerves. It doesn’t matter how confident I am in my work or how much work I have put into preparing my presentation and speech… I still wanna just sit and watch everybody else present and not do my own.

Hopefully it will get easier with time – I mean I did present to a London graphic design company just the other month (although that was to two employees that I had met before, and my tutors and a smaller group of peers).


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