Pinned // May ’13

Is it the end of May already? Blimey, that went quickly!

Here are nine of my pins from this month!

May1 I think this is a dream for pretty much any girl that has ever watched The Princess Diaries. I would love to spend a day doing this!
2 I use my phone so much and run the battery down almost too quickly. If I’m out for a long and busy day, these would save my life!
3 How cute are these? They would be great treats for kids at birthday parties. Don’t think I would be very satisfied with it though – would be gone too quickly!
4 These would be an ideal space for a graphic designer. I would love to have somewhere like this at home to work… unfortunately, I don’t. But I can dream, right!? :)
5 This is the sort of thing that scares me. I really cannot walk across glass floor, and this image just summed it up for me. This Walk Of Faith would not entice me, but maybe some of you guys!?
6 This seems like a really cool craft project to me, and it may be one that I have to get myself onto over the summer! Who wouldn’t enjoy a family game of Scrabble in passing?
7 I’ve seen a few pictures from The Color Run floating around Pinterest before, but on seeing this one, I had to smile. Thankfully, The Color Run is coming to the UK in July!
8 This quote is so true! You really need to work for what you want – you need to climd to the top. You can’t just expect to get what you want.
9 I really like this photo. It’s such a fun way of showing the prom dress colours and styles.


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