Day 23 // 30 Day Challenge

Day 23: What is one thing you are excited about?

If I had been asked this question about a week ago, I would have said that I am excited about going to Paris with my family, and then to our summer house on the Dorset coast.

However, this is today’s prompt and something else has come up that I am excited about.

In the final year of my Graphic Design course we have to write a dissertation. I sent an email to a company that I know has profound knowledge in the area I will be writing about, and just the other day I received a reply from the managing director, welcoming me to visit them and interview himself and his father (who is apparently the best person to speak to).

This means that, despite all the boring book research that I will be doing in the coming weeks, I will have some solid and incredibly useful information to put towards writing my dissertation.

I can’t wait! :D


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