Day 28 // 30 Day Challenge

Day 28: What are your top 3 favourite bands?

I first heard about Anberlin back in 2008, when they came over to support Elliot Minor on tour. I’d listened to and downloaded quite a bit of their music in the months leading up to the gig I was going to, and by the time I saw them, I knew quite a few of their lyrics.¬†When my mum heard their cover of Enjoy The Silence (originally by Depeche Mode), I started to get into them more.

Simple Plan

I don’t really remember when I started to properly listen to Simple Plan. I know that I got a few of their songs from compilation albums that came with Kerrang! magazine, and watching their music videos on Kerrang!, but I really don’t know what kicked off the serious listening and liking. I do remember being rather shocked to find out that they performed the intro to What’s New Scooby Doo?, and realising that I’d ‘known’ about them for longer than I thought!

All Time Low

Again, I don’t remember when they really became a band that I listened to. It may, again, have been from Kerrang!’s music channel. I seem to remember having Six Feet Under The Stars on my iTunes when I downloaded their stuff, but since getting more of it, I’ve been hooked!

All three bands I share an interest in with my mum, and I love going to their gigs with her. We’ve had some fun times together sat in queues! :)


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