Choc Chunk Cookies

I’ve been back in the kitchen again!

Once again, I’m no cooking maestro, so it was out with the packet mix again!

This time, it was one of Asda’s own.

So, first things first – pre-heating the over. The box says 190°C / 375°F / 170°C for fan assisted ovens / Gas Mark 5.

Last time I was baking, I was at my rented university house with a ‘guess the gas mark’ oven. Thankfully, this time I’m at home and the numbers and pictures on my parent’s oven are perfectly clear.

I set the oven to fan assisted and the temperature to 170°C. The image doesn’t show it properly, but the temperature is set to 170°C!

Then, into the box I went and out come the cookie mix.

This went into the bowl along with 25g (1oz) of softened butter and 15ml (1tbsp) of cold water.

These ingredients were mixed, first with a spoon until they started to come together, and then kneaded by hand until they formed a soft chocolate chunked dough.

The box says to make six even sized dough balls and to place them on a baking tray.

So, I went for nine! :)

These were then flattened into disks.

Once all nine were flattened into disks, into the oven they went!

12 to 15 minutes later, the cookies came out of the oven, looking all golden brown.

Once cooled, these were ready to eat. I mean really, though, who waits until they’re cool to try the first one..? Not me or my mum! :)

I did managed to get a couple of photos before we dug in though!


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