Pinned // June ’13

As well as today’s ‘Picture Palette‘, it is also the end of the month, which brings the third Pinned board.

June1 If there ever was a fun way to take photographs, this has to be it. The photographer’s girlfriend ‘leads’ him around the world. There are so many more images on this pin – be sure to check them all out!
2 This cute spoon illustration is one of many by Francisca Pageo. Check out her blog here.
3 I think this is a wonderful way of giving money. The only way to get the money is to pop the balloon. In popping the balloon, the confetti goes everywhere.
4 This poster is more than just the cross-section of a tree trunk. Take a look at the full pin – it’s a beautiful tree of life!
5 Christmas, Birthday or any other celebration – a ‘gift wrapped’ cake. Create a template that fits your cake, and cover in icing sugar. Then, simply peel off the template!
6 Cute. Wooden. Squirrels. Need I say more?
7 Explosions can look really cool. But capture the exact moment of impact, or shortly thereafter – awesome! There are many more picture on the pin – so again, be sure to check them all out!
8 Puppy with a moustache. He’ll make a handsome hound when he’s grown up! Check out the full pin to see him as he grew up!
9 The Queen having a giggle at her husband in uniform – who also looks like he’s laughing as well. These sorts of pictures make us realise that they might be royalty – but they’re human like the rest of us!


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