Having not been making much recently, I decided to do something crafty. After having a dig around I remembered I had this cute little pulpboard gecko/lizard. This little guy was brought at a local craft fair where The Decopatch Place had a stall.As this project uses glue and varnish, the first thing you need to do is cover your workspace in newspaper to prevent any mess.

When I decopatch, I use a white acrylic, glossy glue and sealing varnish.

I always paint my items before I start applying the paper – you don’t have to do this, but some papers (white patterns) tend to show through what is underneath them.

The white acrylic doesn’t have to be perfectly coating the item you are decopatching, but enough that it’s not going to show brown through the papers.

Whilst waiting for the acrylic to dry, you can rip up or cut your papers. On the small items, I will use pieces that are about 2cm by 1cm in size.

Once the acrylic is dry, you can then start applying the pieces of paper.

Apply an area of glue (larger than that of the piece of paper) onto your item. Place your piece of paper over the glue and immediately apply another layer of glue over it.

It is really important that there is glue on both sides of the paper. When applying the top layer of glue, you will find that you can manipulate the paper around corners and into tighter areas a little easier!

Keep applying your paper pieces until the item is completely covered. Do bear in mind that some darker colours may show through the lighter and white papers.

As the glue does dry fairly quickly, as soon as you have finished covering your item, you are pretty much able to get straight onto varnishing.

This simply requires the sealing varnish and a brush.

When the item is varnished, I often stand it on top of the re-lided pot in order to keep it off the paper. It does take around 10 minutes to dry completely, so have patience.

And there you have it – a cute, multi-coloured little gecko.

Instead of doing multi-coloured pieces, you could do themed ones!

Where I got my items:

The Decopatch Place


Both places sell everything you could want/need for decopatching!


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