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Picture Palette // 08

I didn’t get round to posting this last night and today I’ve been busy… so a day late… here is Picture Palette number 8!

Beach BaskingThe photograph in this Picture Palette is actually my own. I took it on a recent family holiday to the South Coast, with my family and some friends of my brother.



Picture Palette // 07

After my late posting last week, I found that I got a few more views and likes on the past Picture Palette post. Therefore, I have decided to post this one today, instead of yesterday.

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Picture Palette // 06

This Picture Palette was supposed to be posted last night, but I was occupied with other things and didn’t get a change to create the palette and sit down to write and publish it. So, a day late, here is Picture Palette number 6! Continue reading

Picture Palette // 05

I have been busy doing a few things recently so there haven’t been any posts. This means, yet another two weeks has passed and it’s time for Picture Palette again.

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Picture Palette // 04

The time is getting on a little bit here in the UK, and I almost forgot about posting this!

Another two weeks has past since the last ‘PP’ post, so I bring you another one! Continue reading

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