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Pinned // July ’13

Thankfully, the end of the month has fallen on the two days that I have at home between holidays. So today, I bring you July’s Pinned board.

July1. A clever way to transform an old (large) tyre into a pond. A couple of smaller ones together could be rather sweet.
2. Gingerbread and Dinosaurs. This just wouldn’t have been as cool if they were a standard flat cut-out!
3. I think this is a rather lovely way to show your affection for your dog. You could get the print of almost any animal.
4. Take you’re duck into the shower, and let him play your favourite tunes! Such a cool idea!
5. Really cool Table Illusion by John Brauer.
6. This is a brilliant re-design of an ice cube tray. I’d love one!
7. I heard about this ‘Fill-Me-In Party Poster’ recently but didn’t know what it was. Now, I want one to just doodle on myself!
8. What a wonderful sign at the Grand Canyon!
9. I’ve always tried to keep my peel in one piece, but this is so cute, I might have to do it next time.


Pinned // June ’13

As well as today’s ‘Picture Palette‘, it is also the end of the month, which brings the third Pinned board.

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Pinned // May ’13

Is it the end of May already? Blimey, that went quickly!
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Pinned // April ’13

As a fairly avid pinner, I thought it might be a fun idea to share a small selection of the things I pin over the month.

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