Picture Palette // 06

This Picture Palette was supposed to be posted last night, but I was occupied with other things and didn’t get a change to create the palette and sit down to write and publish it. So, a day late, here is Picture Palette number 6! Continue reading


Red Kites

The other day a local farmer was out in one of his fields near my house, taking down the grass and making hay bails. The field is hard to see from my back garden, but the benefit of my room is that there is a single-storey extension below it, which means I can climb out of the window and sit/stand on the roof.

The farmer taking down the grass brought six red kites. Six. You’re lucky if you see two together in the same airspace – but to see six together is rare!

As red kites don’t hunt, but only eat what is already dead, these six were obviously hoping to find some mice amongst the cuttings.

These are the pictures that I managed to get of these gorgeous birds soaring over the field, and even over-head!

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Pinned // June ’13

As well as today’s ‘Picture Palette‘, it is also the end of the month, which brings the third Pinned board.

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Picture Palette // 05

I have been busy doing a few things recently so there haven’t been any posts. This means, yet another two weeks has passed and it’s time for Picture Palette again.

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The weather has been pretty dismal recently, and there really hasn’t been a lot going on. However, I have managed to get my camera out.

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