About Me

Who Am I?
Hi! My name is Kim, or Pint Size.

I am the eldest of two siblings and overall I am the eldest of seven cousins. I live in a small county in England, with both my parents and my younger brother. For pets we have two; a moggy and a Cocker Spaniel. Oh – and I have two goldfish!

When I was younger I used to horse ride and I also used to swim. By the time I reached 13, I had managed to work my way up to being a county level swimmer.

I am a highly creative person and I am currently studying Graphic Design at a University not far from my hometown. As well as Graphic Design, I am very keen on Photography (and recently Lomography). Although I take photos of anything and everything, my most common subject is my Danbo.

Outside Graphic Design, I love travelling and holidaying with my family. I also love music (of nearly all genres) and am an avid gig-goer. As well as music, I enjoy watching films. I tend to watch a lot of rom-coms, but there is always room for a great action film!

Why Am I Blogging?
Despite being creative, I rarely put my creativity to use outside my graphic design course and photography interests – and I want to change that! This blog is how I intend to work on keeping the creativity flowing.

I will be using this blog as something to keep my mind working on creative projects outside of my current University studies.

What Will I Be Blogging About?
This blog is going to be a collection of things I make and create – when I find the time. Most of the makes will have been found using StumbleUpon or Pinterest. Where possible credit will be given to the original inspiring post or blog.


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