It has been a while since I posted on this blog… a long while!

Since I last posted, I have completed my three year university course and am now nearly a year and a half into a full time job!

With a full time job comes less free hours. This means that I haven’t been able to create anything new to upload to this blog, which unfortunately means I will no longer be posting here. However, this does not mean I will be taking the blog down. Everything will remain where it is, with posts free for everyone to look at and share to your hearts contents!

In place of this past time, I will now be posting on my new blog ‘Currently Feeling’. Some of the posts I have shared here will move over to my new blog; probably few and far between.

Please continue to enjoy the posts on this blog, and maybe follow me at my new location?



Picture Palette // 08

I didn’t get round to posting this last night and today I’ve been busy… so a day late… here is Picture Palette number 8!

Beach BaskingThe photograph in this Picture Palette is actually my own. I took it on a recent family holiday to the South Coast, with my family and some friends of my brother.


Pinned // July ’13

Thankfully, the end of the month has fallen on the two days that I have at home between holidays. So today, I bring you July’s Pinned board.

July1. A clever way to transform an old (large) tyre into a pond. A couple of smaller ones together could be rather sweet.
2. Gingerbread and Dinosaurs. This just wouldn’t have been as cool if they were a standard flat cut-out!
3. I think this is a rather lovely way to show your affection for your dog. You could get the print of almost any animal.
4. Take you’re duck into the shower, and let him play your favourite tunes! Such a cool idea!
5. Really cool Table Illusion by John Brauer.
6. This is a brilliant re-design of an ice cube tray. I’d love one!
7. I heard about this ‘Fill-Me-In Party Poster’ recently but didn’t know what it was. Now, I want one to just doodle on myself!
8. What a wonderful sign at the Grand Canyon!
9. I’ve always tried to keep my peel in one piece, but this is so cute, I might have to do it next time.

Picture Palette // 07

After my late posting last week, I found that I got a few more views and likes on the past Picture Palette post. Therefore, I have decided to post this one today, instead of yesterday.

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Having not been making much recently, I decided to do something crafty. After having a dig around I remembered I had this cute little pulpboard gecko/lizard. This little guy was brought at a local craft fair where The Decopatch Place had a stall. Continue reading

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